How to Save On Groceries

While the cost of groceries keeps on fluctuating from time to time depending on the supply and demand, it’s possible to save on them. To do it effectively you need to put the following tips into place:

Go For Generics

If there is a generic store in your area, you should visit it regularly and buy the generic groceries instead of the brand name products. While generics are cheaper, they use the same recipes as the brand name products; therefore, they are of the same quality as the brand name groceries.

Plan Meals with Common Ingredients

The sole mission of doing this is to ensure that you use all the ingredients so that they don’t go stale in your pantry. For example, you should plan of preparing a spinach salad the same week you are preparing a meal that requires croutons such as Swiss Chicken or Garlic Meatloaf.

Save On Groceries

Shop Alone

People have different likes and are bound to buy groceries that they love. This means that if you go with your children to the grocery they will most likely pick the ingredients that they love the most and are not on your list.

To avoid spending more than what you have already budgeted for, you should go shopping alone. You should not even go with your spouse.

Eat Before You Go Shopping

Research has shown that people tend to buy more food when they are hungry; therefore, you should ensure that you eat before you go shopping.

Look At Lower Shelves

Many people tend to buy products found at eye level and as a result they usually miss the cheaper stock found on the lower shelves. To save money when shopping, you should always take a look at the lower shelves. Although, it’s recommended that you look for cheaper products, you should not compromise on the quality.

Take Advantage of Coupons

Grocery stores often offer coupons that allow you to access the products at low prices. To take advantage of the coupons you should do your research and find the coupons of your favorite store. The coupons are usually found on websites and newspapers; therefore, you should regularly take a look at these places.

Make Use of Leftovers

Leftovers are usually damped in the trash bin and this results to you spending a lot of money that you would not have spent. To avoid this, you should plan your meals in such a way that you make use of leftovers.

For example, you can make a large casserole on a Monday if you are sure that you will be getting home late on a Tuesday. By doing this you won’t be stuck with sandwiches and peanut butter on the night that you are late. You can also plan of taking the leftover foods with you to your workplace instead of buying lunch.


These are tips on how to save on groceries. While you should aim at spending just small amounts of money on groceries, you should ensure that you buy the products from reputable stores.

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