Save Money When Shopping Online

Tips on How to Save Money When Shopping Online

Courtesy of internet, many people are shopping online. Due to the tough economic times, it’s paramount that you consider saving money when shopping online. If you are a savvy online shopper and you want to save money, here are tips on how to go about it:

Use the Right Credit Card

Using the right credit card allows you to save 2-5% on everything that you purchase online. If you like shopping on Amazon, you should consider going for Amazon Rewards Visa card. When you have this card you will be able to attract discounts of up to 3%.

Another great card to go for is the Target RED card which usually offers 5% cash back. The card also offers free shipping.

It’s also wise to go for a co-branded card that offers 2% cash back to any customer. To get the most from the cards you need to do your research and identify the card that will give you high discounts. The good side with these cards is that they don’t have opening and maintenance fees.

Save Money When Shopping Online

Consolidate Your Purchases

Here you need to create a shopping list and then use the search engine to search the entire list for the lowest total price. As rule of thumb you should buy from a seller selling you the products at the lowest prices.

To save on shipping costs, you should consider buying from the same merchant. If you want your products within a short time, you should buy from a merchant based in the same state as you. To avoid paying the sales tax, you should buy from a seller in a neighboring state.

Buy When Prices Are Low

Many online market stores including Amazon have dynamic pricing mechanisms where the prices change many times in a day as a result of the black-box algorithm. In some cases, the prices fluctuate up to 15%.

For you to save money, you need to buy the products of your interest when the prices are low. The good side is that online stores have tools that enable you to easily monitor historic price changes. From the data you get you will easily tell the best time to make your purchase.

Take Advantage of Affiliate Programs

Most retailers have affiliate programs that pay other websites for bringing traffic to them. Other sites allow consumers to share in the affiliate revenue and as a result the consumers save a lot of money by using these sites.

The sites give you cash back through PayPal where the cash back is usually 2-5% of your order.


These are tips on how to save money when shopping online. When shopping you should remember that there are some scammers who are out there to steal from you; therefore, you should be cautious when making the purchase.

As rule of thumb you should do your research and ensure that the site you are buying from is reputable and secure. One of the best places to do your research is in the review sites.

Saving Money Tips

Real Saving Money Tips Focus On Substitutes

One of the key realizations anybody who’s looking to save money should have is the idea that everybody is an economist. All of us are economists. Economics is the science of rationing scarce resources. Think about it. If money was in infinite supply and all the food and sustenance that we need is in infinite and can easily be accessed, there would be no need for economics. In fact, there would be no poor people. There would be no need to budget. Everybody would be rolling around in BMW. Unfortunately, that’s not the reality.

Resources are scarce and all of us casted in our personal way to act like economists. That is what economists do. They look at scarce resources and figure out plans on how to manage those scarce resources. A key element of this on a personal level is to understand that there are always substitutes. Substitution is one of the benchmark doctrines of basic economics. An economist doesn’t look at a particular situation and assume that there is only one way to fix a problem. The assumption in economics is that there are always substitutes.

For example, if you are a baker and you are going to bake goods and desserts, you can stick with sugar; you can try stevia or high-fructose corn syrup. Each of these substitutes has their own costs and advantages. That what an economist does. They have to assume that there is a substitute and they have to weigh each substitute to achieve an objective. Pay attention to the following discussion so you can fully understand that there are always substitutes:

Saving Money Tips

Don’t Assume That There Is Only One Choice

One of the main reasons people end up racking up a lot of debt or being unable to save a lot of money is that they always feel that there is no choice. They either have to buy something or not buy it. In many cases, they buy into these advertising mindsets that if they don’t buy something, then they are depriving themselves. They feel that they’re not living life fully and keeping up with their neighbors or people that they respect if they don’t make this buying choice. This may sound pretty ridiculous, but this is actually the thinking pattern of most people.

Most people are really honest with themselves that the reality is they don’t really need that much. People need air, water, and shelter. That’s it. The basics are exactly that. They are very basic so everything else is a want; everything else is a luxury. This is the bedrock holding up this unstated assumption most people have: there is only one choice. So once they find themselves at the department store looking at a particular item that they have to buy, there are no two ways about it. There’s no way to get around the problem. There’s no way to get to the side of the problem.

They have to buy it. Don’t assume you’re only stuck with one choice. Subscribing to this assumption is a surety way to doom yourself into poverty. You’ll always feel that you’re living paycheck to paycheck. You’ll always feel that however much money you make, you’re never making enough. Why? Because of your mindset. The key to opening that gateway to thinking like a super saver is to always assume that there is more than one choice staring you at the face.

Understand Why You’re Tricked into Thinking the Way You Do

You have to understand that there is a constant war for your mindset. That’s right. You’re always being bombarded with signals to make you think a certain way. This is not a philosophical statement. This is not some theoretical argument. This is reality. Every single year, trillions of dollars are spent on advertising budgets. These companies are run by CEOs who make good money. They are not wasting their money. They know that advertising works.

That’s why there are a lot of influences being sent your way every single day. It’s impossible to avoid these influences; however, it is possible to be aware of them. As originally said by the great reformer, Martin Luther, “You can’t prevent birds flying over your head, but you can prevent birds from making a nest in your beard.” The same analysis goes with advertising consumption messages. You can’t prevent these messages being sent your way; however, you can watch yourself and be aware of yourself so you don’t buy into these instinctively.

This is the key step in understanding why you’re being tricked into thinking that there is only one choice. In fact, if you’re really honest with yourself and you’re a deep thinker, you would realize that a lot of advertising actually uses cheap tricks that you’d be embarrassed to admit that you fall for time and time again. One of the cheapest tricks being used is a concept called social proof. Social proof works this way: when you see a lot of people looking at a particular direction or looking at the sky, chances are, you will do the same thing. Social proof is all about getting people to do something because a lot of other people are doing it.

The reason people behave this way is because of evolution. Think of yourself as in a savanna 50,000 years ago. You’re walking in a small group of hunter gather friends and all of a sudden, 9 out of 10 people just started bolting; they just started running. Chances are you would start running too. If you didn’t, you probably exited the gene pool because the reason people ran is because there was a saber tooth tiger or there’s a predator somewhere. There was an evolutionary behavior in doing what everybody else is doing.

Now that we have tamed fire and we have mastered the industrial revolution, there’s really less evolutionary pressure to do what everybody else is doing. Unfortunately, that’s hard-wired into most people’s minds and they are always convinced by advertisers that there’s only one choice. Another common trick used by advertisers to trick consumers into thinking that there is no choice when it comes to buying decisions is the halo effect.

The halo effect really is stupid. I mean, anybody who went to college or has some type of education would see right through it, but unfortunately, even if you have a PHD, you will fall for it time and time and time again. Most common example of the halo effect is when you have a very good-looking model hawking a cosmetics product. The reality is that the cosmetic product did not make the model good-looking. The model was already good-looking to begin with.

However, the halo effect is so powerful that we reverse logic. We think that because this model is endorsing this product, this product made the model good-looking. The same goes with LeBron James endorsing a basketball sneaker. The same goes with a financial guru endorsing a mutual fund. Unfortunately, we don’t really break our thinking process when we see ads that employ the halo effect. As a result, we fall for these ads time and time again. By the time we need to make a decision, we feel that there is only one choice because of all these different advertising mind tricks.

Focus On Results with Different Processes Instead Of Limited Choices

Instead of looking at your buying decision as either you have to do something or not do it, look at the buying decision as a process. When you look at things as a process, you break them up into objectives, methods, and process. When you break things down that way, you are able to neutralize a lot of the bad advertising mind programming that you’ve been subjected to. When you look at the objective, you will realize that there are alternatives; there are substitutes.

This is why the economists of big banks make the big bucks. They are always able to emotionally divorce themselves from the situation. They don’t let themselves be put into a panic mode where they have to press a button and the button is the only option. Instead, they break things down rationally and logically in terms of final objectives. Once you are able to do that, you can then back track and see which other routes you can take to achieve the same objective.

Don’t Get Tricked By Seeming Scarcity

As mentioned above, human beings are all essentially economists. We may not all work for banks, we may not all work for government financial regulatory agencies, but we are all economists in our own private lives. We manage scarcity. The key to successful saving mentality, however, is to not get tricked by manufactured scarcity.

Once you assume that everything is scarce, this will give you some logical breathing room because you already assume that things are scarce and you are managing your resources. When a particular ad or a particular buying opportunity appears and you are being pushed by seeming scarcity, you would realize that this is a redundancy. Things are already scarce. Instead, I’m looking at different alternatives.

Being able to establish a mindset that sees substitutes and alternatives, you increase your ability to save money. Moreover, you increase your ability to fight off mental assumptions that tend to push you into spending money you don’t have trying to please people you don’t really like. In other words, pushing you towards a life of consumption that doesn’t really do you any favors.

Save Money on Your Holiday

How to Save Money on Your Holiday

While many people view holidays as times to spend, this should not be the case with you. Since the economy is tight, you need to take measures that will ensure that you save some money, while you have fun. If you are interested in saving money on your holiday, here are tips that you should follow:

Book Early

Airfares, coach, and train tickets are usually cheap when you book ahead of time. To be on the safe side you should always book several months ahead. To ensure that your booking is cheaper, you should check online.

It has been shown that online deals are usually very great; therefore, whenever you want to book your hotel, plane, or anything else, your first stop should be on the internet. Booking online not only gives you the best deals in the market, but it also allows you to easily compare different hotels, airlines and even trains.

Save Money on Your Holiday

Get the Right Travel Insurance

Travel insurance plays a major role of protecting you from unexpected accidents such as missing a flight, bag getting stolen or anything else. Just like when booking, you should do your research and find the best insurance policies to go with.

If you travel often, you should get an annual policy as it will be much cheaper than buying several single trip policies. On the other hand if you travel once a year, you should buy a single trip policy.

Depending on your activities during your holiday, you should consider getting an extra cover. For example, if you will be playing golf, you should get a cover that is going to protect you in case you get an accident when golfing.

Claim Your Discount on Airport Parking

Many airlines offer parking discounts on people who use their airlines; therefore, you should always claim your discount when you leave your car at the airport.

Park Your Own Snacks

Foods and drinks are expensive at the airport; therefore, you should always consider parking your own food. You should note that packing your own snacks is only effective when you will be staying at the airport for only a short time.

If you will be travelling abroad and you will be having a long layover between flights, you should consider eating at the airport lounge. Many reputable lounges offer internet usage, newspapers, magazines and snacks for just a small fee; therefore, using them will save you money in the long run.

Travel as a Group

If you have some friends or relatives who are interested in travelling to the same location as you, you should organize how you will travel and live in the same holiday house. Renting a large villa or holiday house together will save you a lot of money.

Buy a Cheap Pay As You Go Sim

Phone calls can cost you a lot of money; therefore, you should be very careful with them. Before you make or receive a call, always check on the amount that you will be charged. The best way of reducing the cost is by buying a cheap sim card. If you have a lap top you should use Skype instead.

Save Money

3 Tips on How to Save Money

For you to have a stable future you need to save some money. You should note that the ability to save money does not depend on the size of your paycheck; therefore, regardless of the amount of money you make, you can save. To help you out, here are tips on how to go about it.

Set Goals

You need to be clear about your goals and make efforts to achieve them. The goals can be short term such as buying a new TV or going on holiday or they can be long term such as having a family or buying a home.

Regardless of your goals, you should ensure that they are realistic and you can achieve them with the amount of money that you make. To avoid forgetting, you should write the goals down and put them in area where you will be seeing them on a daily basis.

To increase the chances of achieving the goals you should tell them to someone close to you. For example, you can tell them to a friend or a member of the family.

You should note that it’s common to face obstacles on your way; however, you should not give up. Once you have a setback you should get back on the track as soon as possible.

Save Money

Have a Budget

A budget is a plan that shows you where your money comes from, how you spend it and the amount that is left over. It serves a major function of helping you save for the future. For you to budget effectively you need to follow these tips:

  • List your income sources – you need to list down all of your income sources such as your salary, interest, or bonus. You should also clearly state the amount that you make from each source.
  • Put down the regular expenses – regular expenses include: rent, electricity, gym memberships, mobile phone bills, food, and any other bills that you might be having. If you don’t have an idea of the amount that you spend monthly or yearly, you should take a look at your credit card statement.
  • List unexpected expenses – it’s common to have unexpected expenses and you should put them down. Such expenses include: car repairs, dental bills, or travelling costs.
  • Calculate – you should subtract your expenses from your total income and if you have some money remaining you should put it into your savings account.

You should note that it takes time to create a perfect budgeting and saving plan; therefore, you need to be patient. Since the costs of commodities vary with time, you should review your budget monthly.

Get Rid of Debt

You need to eliminate debt for you to pay less interest that goes to your creditors. When paying the debts, you should start with the ones that attract high interest rates.


These are the money saving tips that you should put into practice. If you have problems executing the tips, it’s highly recommended that you consult a professional who will help you out.

Save Money on Gas

6 Tips on How to Save Money on Gas

Gas prices keep going up, but the money in the pocket never increases. This calls for you to come up with ways in which you can save some money on gas by reducing on the overall fuel consumption. To guide you through, here are some tips on how you can save money on gas:

Change Your Oil Regularly

Changing the oil regularly ensures that your car is running efficiently. If you own a car you know that when the oil is old, the car tends to work much harder and as a result it consumes more gas. To be on the safe side, you should change the oil of your car at least once every three months, or after every 3,000 miles (whichever comes first).

Save Money on Gas

Fill Up Efficiently

Filling the car efficiently involves ensuring that you fill you tank full and you avoid topping up your tank between fills.

This is because it has been shown that topping up the tank not only results to you spending a lot of money on fuel, but it’s also harmful to the environment. Researchers have found that topping up forces liquid fuel into the evaporative emissions system. This is dangerous as it can result to the car getting burned.

Cut the Air Conditioning

While it might be unpleasant to drive long distances without air conditioning, you should consider limiting its use. This is because it has been shown that cars tend to consume more fuel when the air conditioner is on.

Instead of using the air conditioner, you should roll down the car windows. You can also have a cool bottle of water with you and be sipping the water whenever you feel overheated or dehydrated.

Be a Smart Driver

There are many things that make one a smart driver. One of the things is avoiding the city traffic. If you are travelling to an area where you can use the freeway instead of the city streets, you should consider using the highway as you will save a lot of fuel. While it’s recommended that you drive on a highway, you should avoid it if it’s backed up.

You should also avoid idling. When getting into a restaurant or talking to someone, you should always turn off the car—if the situation allows you.

Another smart way of driving is avoiding moving so fast especially when you will have to stop only a few meters ahead. You should note that when you brake you waste all the gas that you used to get the car moving fast.

Avoid Heavy Luggage

An overloaded car consumes more fuel; therefore, you should avoid overloading your car. You should regularly take a look at your car boot and if there are any items that you don’t need, you should get rid of them.

Park in the Shade

Gasoline usually evaporates from the car tank; therefore, you should park your car in the shade to reduce the rate of evaporation. Parking in the shade also keeps the car cool inside and as a result you require less A/C.

Save Money on Prescription

How to Save Money on Prescription Medications (Even Without Insurance)

It’s no doubt that the cost of prescription drugs has recently skyrocketed and as a result many consumers can’t afford the medications. Although, the medicines are expensive, you can save some money on them even if you don’t have insurance. To guide you through, here is how you should go about it:

Go For Generics

Although, they are cheaper, they usually nave the same ingredients as the brand name drugs. They are also available in the same dosage strengths as the brand name medications. The drugs differ with the brand name drugs in that they are not patented. They are also visibly different and have different inactive ingredients.

While generics will save you a lot of money (up to 80% off the brand name price), you should be careful when taking them. As rule of thumb you should ensure that you don’t take them without consulting your doctor. You should always consult your doctor and ask him to test you if you are allergic to the inactive ingredients in the medications.

Save Money on Prescription

Buy In Bulk

If you are going to take the same drug for a long period of time, you should consider buying it in bulk. For example, you can buy a 90-day supply instead of a one month supply. When you buy in bulk you will attract discounts from the suppliers and as a result you will save a lot of money.

Use a Discount Drug Card

This is a card that is provided by a pharmaceutical company or any other entity. The card allows consumers to access medications at lower prices. The good side is that the cards are available to everyone and all you need to do is to approach the issuing company and fill an application form and within a few hours or days you will have your card.

There are two types of cards: free and paid cards. Free cards usually offer small discounts on prescription drugs while paid cards offer larger discounts. To avoid straining yourself, you should go for the cards that fit your ideals.

Negotiate With the Retailers

If you thought that you can’t negotiate the price of the medications, you are wrong. Just like everything else, you should ask the retailers to sell you the medications at lower prices. Although, you won’t receive great discounts, you will save some money that will be of help in future.

Look Into Patient Assistance Programs

Many pharmaceutical companies have these programs that allow qualified patients to access medications at low prices. Qualified patients are also sometimes allowed to access the medications for free.

Different companies have different eligibility criteria; therefore, you should approach your desired company and ask them what it takes to join their patient assistance program.


These are the most common ways in which you can save on your medications even if you don’t have a health insurance. You should note that you can use two or more of the ways and you will be able to save a lot of money. For example, you can use a discount drug card and at the same time use the patient assistance programs.

Healthcare Savings

How to Save Money on Your Healthcare

Over the years healthcare has become very expensive and many people are unable to afford the best care. The good side is that there are a number of ways in which you can save money on your healthcare:

Pay Out-Of-Pocket

Although, health insurance aids in helping you save money, it does not always work. In situations where you feel that the insurance won’t save you money, you should consider paying out-of-pocket.

For example, if your insurance charges you more than $4 for prescriptions, you should consider paying out-of-pocket in stores in your area. For example, you can buy the prescriptions at Wal-Mart or in any other store.

The reason why you should buy the prescriptions out-of-pocket is because they tend to be cheaper than using your insurance. For example, it’s common to find stores charging $4 for a one month prescription or $10 for a three months prescription. As you can see the cost is lower than using health insurance.

Healthcare Savings


The costs for procedures, prescriptions, equipment, and physician services vary from one place to another. If your condition is not urgent, you should research and find out the cost at your local provider.

You should also research and find out how much other health facilities in neighboring towns or states charge for the same procedure. It’s also wise to research and find out the cost in other parts of the world. As rule of thumb you should go with the cheapest health facility offering high quality services.

Use Prescription Cards

Many countries have prescription cards that save lot of money. For example, the cards can save you up to 80% of the cost of the medications. To get the cards you only need to approach the card issuing company and you will get the card for free.

You need to load the card and whenever you need to purchase your medications you need to visit a pharmaceutical company that recognizes the card and you will be able to buy medications at lower costs.

Switch to Cheaper Health Insurance Plans

it’s no doubt that insurance plans aid in saving you money; however, if you find that you are struggling in paying for the plan, you should consider looking for a cheaper high-deductible health plan.

Although, this plan will not cover you during the initial part of your care, it will help you in covering things that other plans can’t cover such as acupuncture and this will save you a lot of money.

Seek Expert Opinion

There are many health care professionals who will give you expert tips on how to save money on your healthcare. The expert will also guide you on the best insurance plans to go for, best hospitals to visit, and even the best pharmaceutical stores to make your drug purchases.


Regardless of the way that you use to save on healthcare, you should ensure that the way is legal. When seeking advice, you should ensure that you seek it from a professional who is well versed with medical issues.

How I Save Money

How I Save Money: Using the 30-Day Rule to Defuse “Needs”

Believe it or not, a lot of the stuff that you spend money on are not the stuff you need. This is probably not a big revelation to you. This is probably not a big surprise. However, you might be rolling your eyes. You also understand that, sure, these items that I am spending a lot of money on may not be needs but they feel like them.

In other words, when you determine that you need to buy something, it is very hard to stand up to the emotional rush of buying those items. If you feel this way, you are hardly alone.

This is the reason why many Americans are struggling with credit card debt. This is why many people face a very common situation where the more money they earn, the more debt they find themselves in. In other words, the higher their income, the higher their “needs”.

If you are struggling with constantly buying that you feel that you need, here is a very important tip. Use the thirty day rule. This plays a key part in how I save money and I suspect it will help you save money as well.

How I Save Money

The Power of Artificial Scarcity

One of the biggest reasons why Americans find themselves rushing into buying stuff that they think they need is the power of scarcity. Marketers have mastered the illusion of artificial scarcity. They always throw out terms like “while supplies last”, “limited stocks”, or “for a limited time only”.

All these emotional triggers basically force you to make a decision immediately. They know that once you make buying decision, it is very hard to stop that buying decision. That is how the human mind works.

The good news is, when you use the thirty-day rule which is to give yourself thirty days to buy anything, the power of artificial scarcity evaporates immediately.

There is no emotional rush to buy right now. You do not feel like you will be losing out on anything because you have imposed a thirty-day rule on yourself. This is a crucial tactic that I employ. This is how I save money. I suspect that it will work as effectively for you.

Urgency Urges People to Buy Stuff They Regret Later On

There are also ways to build a sense of urgency in the minds of the buyer. This all part of the modern science of marketing. If you feel that you need to buy something, you might want to step back and critique why you feel that need. You might see that all these emotional impulses are just rooted in certain tricks used by marketers.

You can short circuit all of that by using the thirty-day rule. Now this is a very important trick because by putting that huge block of time in front of you, it gives you the time and the space you need to fully understand what it is that you really need to buy. Most importantly, the thirty-day rule helps you prioritize what is important.

This is a crucial part of how I save money because it helps me make a mental map of the things that are important, the things that are crucial, the things that are necessary, and the things that can wait another day. By using the thirty-day rule, you basically give yourself a time out. Instead of you being all heated up and emotionally engaged you can start looking at the things that you want to buy with the proper perspective.

Once again, this is an important part of how I save money. I give myself the time and the space to properly decide. You should do the same thing to. I suspect that you will save quite a lot of money if you use the thirty-day rule. Things that appear to be crucial and necessary might turn out to be what they really are: luxuries.

Save Money Monthly

Save Money Monthly: You Don’t Spend What You Can’t See

One of the fundamental rules in adopting a healthy savings lifestyle is to use automatic deductions. Why? The typical human mindset is if you it, you will spend it. This is why many Americans spend more as they earn more. The more money they make, the more they spend.

If you want to get off that treadmill, you only need to do one thing. You only need to adopt a system where you can save monthly. How do you do this? By zeroing in on the concept that you don’t spend what you can’t see.

When We See Our Income, We Assume Ownership Of All Of It

The reason why Americans find themselves in so much debt is when they look at their monthly statements and there is a lot of money there they feel that they are entitled to all of it. As a result, not only do they spend the full amount, but they spend over it. This, of course, leads to debt. It is not surprising that consumer debt in the United States is in trillions of dollars.

That is right! Trillions with a capital T. If you don’t want to be a part of that sad and sorry statistic, you need to save money monthly through automatic deductions. You need to tap into the principle of not spending something because you cannot see it.

Save Money Monthly

If You Do Not Assume Ownership, You Do Not Feel Entitled To Spend It

When you set up automatic deductions for your monthly pay, you do not see your full pay. When you do not see your full pay, you don’t assume ownership over it. You don’t feel entitled to it. You don’t feel like rewarding yourself by spending it.

Automatic deductions are very powerful tools because they put money off the table and deposit it into a savings account or an investment account. That way, we do not feel entitled. We do not feel cheated. We do not feel deprived if we look at a full amount and we can’t spend all of it.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Using automated monthly deductions, our savings are out of sight and out of mind. If we don’t see the full amount of money, we don’t feel the need to spend all of it. We can save money monthly effectively by making sure that a large chunk of our income is invisible. When you look at your take home pay, you feel entitled to use all of it.

After all, you worked hard for it. However, if you only see a fraction of it because you have automatically deposited large chunks into your investment or savings accounts, you only get to use a small portion.

The smaller the portion, the better. This also forces you to be more creative regarding your expenses. This also forces you to make do without the expenses that you do not really need and focus on the stuff that really matters. If you are able to do this, then you are adopting a savings lifestyle that will pay off in the future.

Save money monthly through automatic deductions. Once you master the ability to save money monthly, your financial future opens up.

Save More Money

Save More Money by Timing Your Needs Correctly

One of the easiest ways to get into a lot of credit card debt is to feel that you need to buy right now. Make no mistake about it, modern marketers are so skilled in creating demand in the eyes of the typical American consumer, that it’s almost unavoidable that you will whip out your credit card. In many cases, American consumers instinctively whip out their credit card whenever the marketer says some magic words. What magic words are these? While supplies last or limited stocks.

You have to understand that the scarcity factor in marketing is so powerful because it is hard-wired into our primitive brains. Back when humanity was composed of hunter and gather bonds, we had to equip resources or gather resources as quickly as possible because those resources aren’t going to stick around. That’s when the reality of human existence for thousands of years. Well, things are different now, due to modern mass manufacturing.

The scarcity is actually more about the distribution of man-made problems rather than technical or commercial problem. You don’t have to take action now or lock-in now or else you won’t get to buy that stuff that you’re interested in. Chances are high that there would still be inventory leftover tomorrow or the next week.

One of the best ways you can counteract the tremendous power of scarcity marketing is to time your needs correctly. If you want to save more money, you need to pick up these very powerful skills.

Save More Money

Urgent Is Not Always Urgent

You might feel that you need to buy something right now, you might feel that you need to go to the store or go to the mall to pick up this particular product or you might be losing out. The reality is that if you look at the things that you need to urgently buy chances are you don’t really need to buy them right now.

Outside of medical emergencies, most urgent purchasing impulses that you feel really don’t deserve the urgency. This is a key realization that you need to have and appreciate if you truly want to save more money. If you are able to develop this personal discipline of clearly understanding what is urgent and what isn’t, you would go a long way in your ability to save more money.

Realizing False Scarcity

One of the most effective ways you can resist the need to spend on a product immediately is to understand how false scarcity works. In most cases, they involve the phrases I’ve mentioned above. This triggers highly irrational human impulses and people push to buy immediately. Well, resist that temptation, always think about the fact that whatever product is being pushed your way there are probably alternative products out there.

In many cases, the sale might be extended, even if the particular sale that you’re interested in isn’t extended don’t feel that you’ve lost out. If anything, celebrate the fact that you beat artificial scarcity or false scarcity. If you truly want to save more money, you have to able to recognize false scarcity and have the proper mindset and resistance to avoid these charms.

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