Tips on How to Save Money When Shopping Online

Courtesy of internet, many people are shopping online. Due to the tough economic times, it’s paramount that you consider saving money when shopping online. If you are a savvy online shopper and you want to save money, here are tips on how to go about it:

Use the Right Credit Card

Using the right credit card allows you to save 2-5% on everything that you purchase online. If you like shopping on Amazon, you should consider going for Amazon Rewards Visa card. When you have this card you will be able to attract discounts of up to 3%.

Another great card to go for is the Target RED card which usually offers 5% cash back. The card also offers free shipping.

It’s also wise to go for a co-branded card that offers 2% cash back to any customer. To get the most from the cards you need to do your research and identify the card that will give you high discounts. The good side with these cards is that they don’t have opening and maintenance fees.

Save Money When Shopping Online

Consolidate Your Purchases

Here you need to create a shopping list and then use the search engine to search the entire list for the lowest total price. As rule of thumb you should buy from a seller selling you the products at the lowest prices.

To save on shipping costs, you should consider buying from the same merchant. If you want your products within a short time, you should buy from a merchant based in the same state as you. To avoid paying the sales tax, you should buy from a seller in a neighboring state.

Buy When Prices Are Low

Many online market stores including Amazon have dynamic pricing mechanisms where the prices change many times in a day as a result of the black-box algorithm. In some cases, the prices fluctuate up to 15%.

For you to save money, you need to buy the products of your interest when the prices are low. The good side is that online stores have tools that enable you to easily monitor historic price changes. From the data you get you will easily tell the best time to make your purchase.

Take Advantage of Affiliate Programs

Most retailers have affiliate programs that pay other websites for bringing traffic to them. Other sites allow consumers to share in the affiliate revenue and as a result the consumers save a lot of money by using these sites.

The sites give you cash back through PayPal where the cash back is usually 2-5% of your order.


These are tips on how to save money when shopping online. When shopping you should remember that there are some scammers who are out there to steal from you; therefore, you should be cautious when making the purchase.

As rule of thumb you should do your research and ensure that the site you are buying from is reputable and secure. One of the best places to do your research is in the review sites.

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