Welcome to Saving Diary! Saving Diary is, above all else, a community of people who are looking for PERSONAL solutions to common personal finance problems we all encounter. We can’t emphasize the PERSONAL aspect enough because, unlike the vast bulk of other personal finance sites on the Internet, Saving Diary understands that REAL SOLUTIONS to personal finance challenges must be arrived at a truly personal level. This is why we use personal case stories to highlight the emotional, psychological, and character issues money problems bring to the table.

We at Saving Diary understand that YOUR personal financial challenges are very important on an emotional and deeply personal level. Personal finance challenges are rarely small issues of dollars and cents and figures on a ledger. We understand that there are real personal challenges behind those numbers. This is why Saving Diary approaches ‘personal finance advice’ from a purely PERSONAL level.

All our posts involve personal stories and case studies of people going through the same challenges you’re going through. We offer an ANALYTICAL APPROACH that breaks down often confusing and often emotional details into ACTIONABLE REAL-WORLD SOLUTIONS. We understand that it is too easy to get drowned in the emotional confusion when you feel that your finances have spun out of control or you feel bombarded by confusing and often seemingly mixed financial signals.

Saving Diary Helps You Cut Through the Clutter

Our community-centered advice is personally engaging, focuses both on character issues as well as ‘checklist’ type solutions. Why? Personal finance challenges like debt, bad investments, and other bad financial choices go beyond just technical solutions. Even if your debt were to magically evaporate overnight, we understand that if you don’t have the right mindset and expectations, all your financial problems will come up again. And again. And again. Saving Diary helps you tackle your personal finance challenges both from a technical perspective but also from a personal habits and mindset perspective.

Thank you for visiting us today and please remember to bookmark our site and share our posts with your friends and family. We are sure that your friends, family, co-workers, and associates will greatly appreciate our distinctive approach to personal finance challenges. Join our community today!

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