Daily Transactions

Keep Track of Every Penny, Every Day!

Stay on top of your finances effortlessly! Log all your expenses and income daily with just a few taps.

This feature is designed to make your life easier by keeping a detailed log of all your financial activities. Whether you're grabbing a coffee, paying bills, or receiving your paycheck, you can quickly and easily enter each transaction into the app.

The app automatically updates your balance and provides a clear overview of your financial activities. You can view and edit your transactions anytime, ensuring that you always have an accurate record of your money.


  • Effortless Logging

    Quickly log your daily expenses and income in just a few seconds.
  • Organized Finances

    Keep your finances neatly organized with categorized entries.
  • Real-Time Updates

    Get an up-to-date snapshot of your financial situation at any moment.
  • Budget Control

    Understand your spending habits and make informed decisions to stay within your budget.
  • Financial Awareness

    Gain better insight into your financial health and improve your money management skills.
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